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The Ego U Battery! Perfect for new vapers. This is an easy to use and reliable battery. Available in a starter kit with 2 batteries, 2 clearomizers, charge cable and wall block. Getting started couldn't be easier! This battery will accommodate any tank that uses 510 (the inside threads), or Ego (the outside threads).

Available in 650mah (roughly 6 hours of vape time) or 900mah (roughly 9 hours of vape time) for the Starter Kits.
Individual batteries are available in 650mah and 1000mah.
The Joyetech Ego T2 Upgrade battery allows you to use two pre-set voltage settings. 3.7 volts or 4.2 (at a full charge).
The Joyetech Ego T2 Upgrade Pass Thru battery allows you to charge your battery from the bottom while you use it. You maintain the variable voltage settings of the Ego T2.

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