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Beginners Guide to Vaping:
All About the Joyetech AIO Pro-C

What is Vaping?:
Understanding the Joyetech AIO (all-in-one) Pro C

The Differences Between the Joyetech AIO and the Joyetech AIO Pro C

If you have been using the original Joyetech AIO and recently switched or are interested in the Pro C, you may notice a few differences between the two although they are extremely similar. These minor improvements include adjustable airflow, easier filling options for the e liquid and a removable external battery cell. Many benefits come from these improvements such as being able to control how much air you are taking in with your vapor, meaning you can have a restricted tight draw vape or a wide open smooth draw vape. Another benefit to the Joyetech AIO Pro C is that you can replace your battery, whether you do so each day to have fresh battery life on the go or whether you only do so every 6 months – 1 year to replace the battery that's losing it's charge capabilities; this function really does come in handy in one way or another.

What's Included with Your Joyetech AIO Pro-C

When you first open up your box you're going to see the instruction manual, your AIO Pro C and a long white box. Inside the box you will find your charging cable, two different atomizers (a 0.5 ohm and a 0.6 ohm) and an extra mouth piece. This mouth piece is different than the one installed onto your electronic cigarette as one of them is going to have a spiral halfway down on the inside and one is just going to be straight through. Some people are a fan of one or the other and some can't notice a difference, so just go ahead and try them both out to see which you prefer. Your vape pen should come turned off without an atomizer installed, you will need to install an atomizer and fill it up with e liquid to begin using it.

Why are There Different Atomizers?

Your Joyetech AIO Pro C came with two different atomizers, a 0.5 ohm and a 0.6 ohm; although there's not much of a difference in the actual resistance of these atomizers there is a difference in the way they take in the e liquid. If you look at the tops of the atomizers you will notice that the 0.5 ohm has a screen over the top and the 0.6 ohm just has a simple hole in the middle. These are designed like that because some e liquids have more VG content in them than others making them a lot thicker and some have more PG content making them thinner. The screen over the top of the 0.5 ohm atomizer allows it to take in thicker e liquids as opposed to the 0.6 ohm that works a lot better for thinner e liquids; try to only use the 0.5 ohm with 70/30 VG/PG ratio or anything higher in VG and the 0.6 ohm with 50/50 VG/PG ratio. Most people prefer a certain ratio of VG to PG, if you don't know which you prefer, try each atomizer out with an appropriate e liquid and see which you like most.

How to Install the Atomizer on the Joyetech AIO Pro C

Once you have decided which atomizer you want to use you need to prime it with your e liquid. For the 0.5 ohm atomizer this means pooling the e liquid up on top of the screen and letting it soak in, for the 0.6 ohm atomizer this means dripping about 5-6 drops of the e liquid directly down the hole in the top of the atomizer. Once primed, you need to open up your vape pen and install the atomizer. If you look at the top of your Joyetech AIO Pro C where your mouth piece is, right below that you should see several small vertical slits that can either be closed off or opened, that is your airflow. Grip that top piece with the airflow and all with a few fingers and your vape pen with the other hand and unscrew the top piece away from your vape pen. The airflow slits should accompany the top cap, if they are still attached to vape pen you need to remove that piece also in order to install your atomizer. Once the top cap is off, look at the underside of it and there should be a small set of threads directly below the mouth piece, that is where you can screw your atomizer onto. After the atomizer is properly attached, not too tight or too loose, replace the top cap of your tank with the atomizer to the rest of the vape pen so you can fill it up. Never over tighten anything, everything just needs to make a seal and make contact, if things are too tight it can damage your vape pen or get stuck.

How to Fill the AIO Pro C

After getting your atomizer primed with e liquid and installed into your vape pen, it's time to fill it up with e liquid. First make sure your atomizer is securely in place and the top cap is back on, then you need to look at the top of your vape pen where the mouth piece is and the same vertical airflow slits mentioned before. To fill up the e liquid however, you are not going to be unscrewing the same piece, this time you are going to leave the airflow slits attached to the rest of your vape pen. So grip the mouth piece area with a few fingers and your vape pen with the other hand while you unscrew the top cap, again the airflow and atomizer should not come with it. Only the mouth piece and a small section underneath should come away from the vape pen, at this point you should see a small metal bar running across the opening with a hole in the center of it. To fill up the tank you need to drip the e liquid into the slots on the side of the metal bar, DO NOT drip the e liquid into the center hole as that only leads to the atomizer. You can fill the tank up till it reaches the metal bar, at that point you can replace the top cap and start using your vape pen.

How to Use the Joyetech AIO Pro C

Now that you've got your atomizer installed and your tank filled up with e liquid, all that's left to do is use it! Your vape pen does not come with any vape batteries installed, you do have to purchase an 18650 battery separately and install it to the bottom of the vape pen. In order to do so look at the bottom of your vape pen, the end opposite from the mouth piece, you should see a little cap that can be screwed off. Unscrew this cap and put your 18650 battery in positive end first, the negative end of the battery should be at the bottom where the cap needs to go back onto. After installing the 18650 battery, screw the cap back on and check to see if the vape pen has turned on or not. To check if it is on or off just hold down the button for a second, if the LED light comes on then the vape pen is on, if no light appears than it is off. If the vape pen is off click the button 5 times quickly to turn it on, occasionally a click or two won't register so if it doesn't turn on the first time around just press the button repetitively and quickly until the LED light inside the tank flashes at you, that means it turned on. After your vape pen is turned on it's now ready to use, just hold down the button and inhale!

Tips and Tricks for the Joyetech AIO Pro C

The LED light inside your Joyetech AIO Pro C is lot more useful than you may think, there's actually a series of light sequences that signifies different warnings. If you notice, when you press the button the LED light comes on and when you release the button the light goes away then comes back on a second later. When the light flashes back on a second later and it only does so once, that is letting you know that everything is going fine with your electronic cigarette. If the light flashes 3 times that is letting you know that the battery is getting low and if the light flashes back on 10 times that is letting you know that the battery is dead and needs to be charged. If the vape pen is not producing any vapor look to see if the LED is flashing at you while holding down the button. If this is happening than your atomizer is either too tight or too loose.
This LED light can be changed to a different color too, if you want to change the color first you need to turn the vape pen off. Once the vape pen is off hold down the button and an LED light will come a few seconds later, release the button and click again to cycle to the next color. Keep clicking the button to cycle through all the colors and once you've picked your favorite all you have to do is click the button 5 times quickly on that color. This will save the color you just chose as well as turn the vape pen back on.
You might want to play around with the airflow and see where you like it, if you enjoy mouth to lung inhales a bit more you probably will enjoy the airflow cut back to just a slot or two and if you enjoy deep lung inhales more you will probably be more keen to wide open airflow.
Cleaning the Joyetech AIO Pro C is simple, all you need to do is take a tissue or cotton swab and clean out any condensation there might be in the tank. You only need to do this every week or two. DO NOT try to run it under water as the vape pen is not water proof. If you used a very strong flavor, try dipping a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol to eliminate the taste out of the tank.