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Asmodus is an American vape company that manufacturers and distributes through their Los Angeles, California based facility established in 2014. Asmodus manufactures high-end vapes and vaping accessories at an affordable price. Most of their vape mods are touch screen these days, and they've designed a clever locking mechanism to make sure that the touch screen doesn't become a problem when you're just trying to vape. The stylish and comfortable vape drip tips make an awesome replacement or upgrade for your vape!

Asmodus has been synonymous with quality and reliability since their inception in 2014. They introduced themselves to the vaping world in a big way when they released the Snow Wolf, a beautiful 200W dual 18650 box mod made of stainless steel and glass. From there, they introduced the Minikin.

The Minikin was an unusual design featuring a shorter, wider shape than the standard dual battery box mod vapes of the time, and their special new high-efficiency chip set that increased performance and battery life. Soon after they released the Helve, another dual battery box mod with a rather unusual grip shape.

At this point they were already making quite a name for themselves, showing that they can consistently produce high-quality vapes in a league of their own. After the Helve, they started to get into touch-screen designs with the introduction of the Minikin V2.

Where the original Minikin and the Helve box mods had three buttons for firing and adjusting the settings, the Minikin V2 did away with all but the fire button and made use of a capacitive touch screen to help you use the settings. Having a touch screen on a vape can clearly be an issue since you need to handle the mod in order to vape on it, so Asmodus added a lock feature that would lock the touch screen every time the fire button was pressed, requiring you to manually unlock it in order to change your settings.

After the Minikin V2, Asmodus tweaked their design and released the Minikin 2. The Minikin 2 featured a similar design to the Minikin V2 with a touch screen and similar build quality, but they changed the shape from a flat and wide box with the batteries and chipset all in line, to a more rounded shape with the batteries stacked side by side next to the screen. This rounded triangle-like shape made the new Minikin 2 more compact and comfortable to hold.

The Minikin 2 remained one of their flagship offerings until years later, when they introduced the Lustro. The Lustro is similar to the Minikin 2 as a whole, but every detail has been changed. The rounded triangle shape of the Minikin 2 was changed to a rounded square shape on the Lustro, and the top and bottom were made into hard edges instead of the smooth, rounded edges of the Minikin 2. While this isn't as comfortable in the hand, it makes the mod much more stable when sitting on a surface.

The Lustro has a number of features never before seen from Asmodus, including a full color touch screen, an RGB light bar to one side of the screen, an RGB light on the fire button, and a flashlight on the bottom of the vape. The Lustro is also the first box mod vape from Asmodus to feature a USB type C charge port like many modern smart phones, deviating from the current vaping industry standard of Micro USB. USB Type C is much more durable than Micro USB, and it's symmetrical so it doesn't require you to get the plug in right side up.

Asmodus continues to improve and innovate on these existing products, offering regular firmware updates to better serve their customers. They also offer their "Kodama" edition box mods, which are ultra high-end box mods made with stabilized wood and resin. These gorgeous box mods come at an eye-watering premium, but they're a really cool way to get a very special version of your favorite vape.

Asmodus doesn't only offer dual battery box mods, they do also have a few select single battery mods. We currently carry the Asmodus Colossal, which is essentially a single battery version of the Minikin V2 featuring a remarkably clean look, their now standard touch screen design, and a hidden Micro USB charge port to complete the clean look.

Asmodus also provides warranty services for select products. Please visit their warranty information page for policies on our covered items. Their warranty service was created to support the vaping community for customers who do not want to send their products back to China and would rather deal with a USA based facility. There is a small charge for their service which covers the return shipping of the product back to you.

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asMODus office hours are Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 5PM PST and they are closed
on all federal holidays.

If you have any questions, send asMODus an email to and they will contact you as soon as possible.

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