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Beginner's Guide to Vaping:
Starting simple - EVOD Style.

What is Vaping?:
Beginners Guide to the EVOD Vape Pen

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Most beginners start with an EVOD style device, if not the Kangertech EVOD itself. The EVOD provides a similar experience to what we are used to with combustible cigarettes. The vapor production is slight, not over powering and won't choke you out, so it's easy vaping for beginners. These kinds of e cigarette starter kits are generally some of the most simple and easy to use as they only have one button to turn on/off and the same button is used to power the EVOD battery. In this article we are going to get you a little more familiarized with your Kangertech EVOD.

How to take apart and reassemble your EVOD

Now that you have your own vape pen, you're going to need to know how to maintenance it and how to do day-to-day tasks such as charging it and filling it up with e liquid. Vaping for beginners can be a little tedious but hang in there, it's worth it. In order to accomplish those, you first need to know how to take apart and reassemble your Kangertech EVOD.

Your EVOD can break down into four pieces, the base of the tank, the tank itself, the atomizer and the EVOD battery; also included or purchased separately should be a charging cable. (Some models also have removable mouth-pieces, which just pull out.) If you need to purchase a charging cable or a new mouth piece, visit our online vape shop.

Vaporleaf EVOD kit

Let's start by separating the tank from the EVOD battery. In order to take the tank off of the battery, you first need to grip the silver ring under the colored part and glass windows with a finger and thumb, while holding the battery firmly in the other hand. (If you have an all silver kit, you should be able to see a line where the base separates under the glass windows of the tank.) After giving a little twist to the silver ring, the tank should start to unscrew and come off of the battery. Now to take the tank off of the base, you need to grip the same silver ring you did before, again with a finger and a thumb while this time holding the rest of the tank gently, but firmly, in the other hand. Then give the silver ring a little twist and it should start to unscrew from the rest of the tank, now you can see that the silver ring is the base of your tank.
Depending on why you are disassembling in the first place, you may or may not need to remove the atomizer. In order to do so, you just grip the base of the tank with a couple fingers while simultaneously gripping the cylindrical metal piece sticking out of it with a finger and thumb; gently give the cylindrical piece a twist and it will start to unscrew from the base, this piece is your atomizer. You can purchase new atomizers from our online vape shop when need be.
Reassembling is easy once you know how to take it apart, just do everything in reverse and never tighten anything too tightly, everything just needs to make contact and be snug. Vaping for beginners can be a little nerve racking, so you might think you need to crank the tank on to get it work or not leak, but this is not true. You only need things to seal and make contact. Just remember to be gentle.

Vaporleaf EVOD

How to fill up your Kangertech EVOD

In order to fill up your vape tank, you need to take it off of the EVOD battery and remove the base of the tank. If you already have a little e liquid inside, you might want to do this upside down so that the remaining e liquid doesn't spill out and make a mess. Now that you have the base of the tank off, turn the tank upside down, if it's not already. If you look into the bottom end of the tank, you can see the airway, which is a long cylindrical tube connected and leading out to the mouthpiece. Depending on what e liquid you got, you will either have a glass dropper or a nipple on the bottle to dispense the e liquid out of.
To fill the vape tank, you need to place the end of your dispensing tool, whether it is the dropper or the bottle and nipple, on the side of the airway and squeeze to release the e liquid. Make sure you are getting it on the side of the airway and not into the airway or else all the e liquid you squeeze out will go through the airway and out of the mouth-piece instead of filling up the tank. You can see how full the tank is getting through the windows on the side. Don't fill the e liquid up any higher than the airway or else you will experience the e liquid leaking down through the mouth-piece. Once you have your tank filled, make sure your atomizer is tightened into the base, then reattach the base of your tank. Make sure to keep your tank upside down until the base is attached or else the ejuice will spill out making a mess. Vaping for beginners can be a little tricky but hopefully this simple guide to the Kangertech EVOD will make things go smoothly for you. Now it's time to enjoy your new e cigarette starter kit!

How to charge your Kangertech EVOD Battery

By now you've probably got a hang of things a bit more and hopefully think that vaping for beginners isn't too difficult. Once the time comes, you will need to re-charge your EVOD battery to continue using it. In order to do so, you first need to remove the entire vape tank from the EVOD battery. After you have the tank off of the battery you need to take a tissue or cotton swab and very gently clean the top of your battery where the tank screws onto before screwing in the charger. You do this to prevent any vape juice that may have leaked down into there from ruining the EVOD battery. Once the area is all cleaned up, gently screw the charger into the top of the battery and stop once it makes contact, do not over tighten the charger or you can cause damage to the battery. If you don't have an EVOD specific pen and one just similar to it, you may be able to leave the tank on and use the charging port on the side or bottom of the battery. Some e cigarette starter kits do not include chargers. If you need to purchase one, visit our online vape shop.

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