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Beginners Guide to Vaping:
Maintenance and Cleaning your EVOD

What is Vaping?:
How to Clean and Maintenance Your EVOD Vape Pen

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There are a number of things that can happen or need to be adjusted from time to time with your Kangertech EVOD as you continue day-to-day use. Maintenance and cleaning will extend the life of your EVOD battery and tank by a great deal. As long as you stick to these tips & tricks and keep up with maintenance and cleaning, your battery should last you roughly 300 charge cycles and your tank should last you about 6-12 months. Please keep in mind that just because you might have a bumpy start doesn't mean you won't get the hang of it, vaping for beginners can be a little tricky. This article will cover some of those aspects to keep your vape pen enjoyable and running smoothly, if you happen to need any replacement parts or back up batteries, visit our online vape shop.

Things to look out for with your Kangertech EVOD

Now that we've got the basic's covered, let's go over some things that you'll need to keep an eye out for in order to keep your vape pen running in tip-top shape. First one being heat, you never want to leave your device in a heated environment. Worst case scenario that could happen is your device gets left on top of a heater or something of the sort and your battery could get too warm and short out. Smaller situations include leaving it in the car on a warm day, this can cause excessive leaking out of the bottom of the tank. This is because of the e liquid, once warmed it gets a lot thinner in viscosity and can not be held as easily within the atomizer. Another thing you want to watch out for is altitude, if you are making a trip into higher altitude you may experience leaking issues as well. I'd recommend to flip the vape pen upside down for the duration of the trip when you're not using it, this keeps the e liquid from being pulled down through the atomizer and out of the bottom of the tank. Finally, you want to make sure you're never over tightening anything. Not only is it a pain to get off if it's too tight but also over tightening can cause damage to the sealing rings and contact point on the EVOD battery. This could potentially ruin your battery causing you to get a new one, so always keep in mind that you only need things to be snug, you should be able to unscrew everything with just a couple fingers.

Changing out your atomizer

After a week or so of use, you might start to notice your Kangertech EVOD acting a little strange such as having a burnt taste or just not producing vapor like it did in the beginning. This is completely normal and is only a sign that your atomizer needs to be changed soon. Things such as how hard you inhale, how long you inhale for and what kind of e liquid you are using can all affect how long the atomizer will last. For example, a highly sweetened e liquid will make the atomizer go bad faster than a subtle and mellow flavor; this is because the sweetener gets caramelized onto the wick material and the coil inside the atomizer preventing it to vaporize as efficiently as it once did. If you need to purchase some more atomizers, visit our online vape shop.

In order to change out your atomizer you first need to take the tank off of the Kangertech EVOD battery. Once you have the tank separated, remove the base of the tank to reveal the atomizer, if you have e liquid inside your tank you might want to do this with the tank upside down to prevent the e liquid from getting spilled. Now that your base is separated from the tank, grip onto and unscrew the atomizer. If you are unsure as to what the atomizer is, it is the small cylindrical metal tube sticking straight up from the base, you may want to review the other article on here titled, What is Vaping?: E Cigarette Vaping Basic's. With your atomizer removed you can now prime your new atomizer and reassemble your vape pen.

How to prime your atomizer

Before you start using a brand new atomizer you first need to prime it, this means getting the wick material nice and saturated before applying heat. If you don't prime your atomizer before you go to use it, all of the dry wick material inside of the atomizer will burn up and the coil will be damaged, possibly requiring a new one. There are a couple different ways to prime your atomizer, one way to do so is before you fill up your tank, drip 3-5 drops of e liquid directly into the top of the atomizer and while that soaks in you can also add a drop onto each piece of wick you see poking out of the side of the atomizer. This method ensures that the atomizer is fully saturated before use but if you are in a hurry or don't have any e liquid with you besides what is in your tank, there is another way to prime. With this method, all you do is replace the old atomizer with the new, reassemble your tank then, without applying any power to the Kangertech EVOD battery, take 5 strong pulls on the mouth piece. This will help pull some of the e liquid left in your tank down into the atomizer, saturating the wick. If you get too much e liquid into the atomizer initially it could end up “flooding” the atomizer, this can cause e liquid to spit up through the mouth piece or to be leaked out through the bottom of the tank; if you don't put enough, the atomizer could get burnt up right away. It's kind of a balancing game of how much e liquid you need to use to prime your atomizer but after a few go's at it, you should be able to do it in a snap with no problems. Once you need more atomizers, visit our online vape shop for replacements.

Flooding and Leaking issues

Over priming and certain environmental elements can cause your atomizer to flood or your tank to leak. Elevation changes, extreme warmth or cold and over/under tightening are all instances that can cause these issues. Although a small amount of leaking is completely normal and to be expected, occasionally you may experience some major leaking issues. If this occurs, disassemble your vape pen and wipe all the e liquid off of it; make sure to get the top of the battery where the tank connects, if too much e liquid gets in there or it's left for too long, the EVOD battery can be damaged possibly beyond use. Before reassembling try to think about what caused it to happen in the first place, ask yourself questions like was your tank over/under tightened, are you traveling into a major altitude change, was it left in too warm of an environment, ETC.. With the power of deduction you should be able to figure out why it happened and from there you can reassemble your vape pen and hopefully prevent it from occurring again right away.

If your atomizer is flooded, whether is be coinciding with leaking issues or just from over priming your coil, there are a few things you can do to help it dry out a little. One trick is to flip your vape pen upside down so that the juice isn't flowing down into the atomizer. After you've got your device upside down, hold the button to fire your Kangertech EVOD battery and blow into the airflow holes, this will help shoot all the excess e liquid out of the mouth piece. Another way you can get the atomizer to dry out a little more is to disassemble your vape pen all the way, then wrap your atomizer in a tissue and give it a good shake. Flooding and leaking issues can be a pain to deal with especially when you're so used to just lighting up a cigarette and that's that, but hang in there cause once you get a handle on these issues you can continue your endeavor to successfully quit smoking cigarettes.

Cleaning your Kangertech EVOD

Cleaning your vape pen regularly will extend the life of your EVOD battery and tank by a great deal. As a small amount of leaking is completely normal and to be expected, you have to make sure to keep an eye on just how much is leaking so you can clean it up in a timely manner. The normal amount of leaking occurs out of the bottom of the tank, right where it makes contact with the battery. This can be bad because if you don't clean it up, that e liquid will leak down into your Kangertech EVOD battery and potentially ruin it beyond the point of use. All you have to do is take your tank off of your battery, if you're charging your battery daily you can just do this before screwing in your battery charger, then take a tissue or cotton swab and gently wipe out any e liquid build up and debris that there might be on the top of your EVOD battery.

Some people don't like different flavors carrying over when they switch so they clean the tank whenever they change flavors and some people just clean it every time they change out the atomizer. Either way, the best method to clean it out is to disassemble your entire tank and make sure you set your atomizer aside, you DO NOT want to get the atomizer wet with water if you still plan on using it. Once your atomizer and battery are set aside, take your tank and the base of your tank and wash each separately with warm water, if you want to do a deep clean you can use rubbing alcohol just make sure to rinse thoroughly afterward. After you're done rinsing make sure to dry as thoroughly as you can with a paper towel, you may want to let it sit right side up and air dry a little depending on how dry you were able to make it with the towel. Once dry feel free to reassemble and fill up with e liquid!

If you were having some leaking or flooding issues, your airway inside of your tank might have some e liquid build up. If you don't have the time to rinse out your tank completely you can clear this out with just a tissue or cotton swab. All you must do is disassemble the base of your tank away from the tank itself and gently clear out the juice inside the airway tube with the cotton swab or tissue. Make sure to do this with the tank upside down if there is still e liquid inside. You do not want to do this with the base of the tank still on because if you stick a cotton swab down the mouth piece too hard or quickly, it could hit the atomizer and damage it beyond the point of use. Always be cautious and gentle with your vape pen in order to get the longest life out of it as possible.