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Beginners Guide to Vaping:
All about the Joyetech AIO

What is Vaping:
All about the Joyetech AIO
(all-in-one)Vape Pen

What's Included with the Joyetech AIO

Vaporleaf Joyetech AIO

When you first open up your box you're going to see the instruction manual, your AIO vape pen and a long white box. Inside this box you will find your charging cable, two 0.6 ohm atomizers, and an extra mouth piece; this mouth piece is different than the one installed onto your device as one of them is going to have a spiral halfway down on the inside and one is just going to be straight through. Some people are a fan of one or the other and some people can't notice a difference so just go ahead and try them both out to see how you like them. Your vape pen should come turned off without an atomizer installed, you will need to turn it on, install an atomizer and fill it up with e liquid to begin vaping.

How to Install the Atomizer on the AIO

Once you have all your pieces laid out in front of you, take one atomizer out of the package and your Joyetech AIO vape pen then set everything else aside. You will need to prime your atomizer with e liquid for it to get saturated before you start vaping, for this atomizer you need to drip 5-6 drops of e liquid directly down the small hole at the top of the atomizer itself. Since these have such small holes to drip the e liquid into you may need to wait a second after each drop for it to soak in.
Now that your atomizer is primed you need to open up the top of your vape pen to install it. In order to open the Joyetech AIO you first must take note that it is a child-locked vape pen, so you will have to push down on the top ring while twisting it to the left. Think of it like a medicine bottle, the cap has to be pushed down or else it will just keep spinning. Now that you have the top cap off of your AIO you can notice the airway tube that comes down away from the mouth piece with some threads at the end of it, that's where you screw your atomizer onto. With the child-lock feature previously mentioned you do have to take an extra step to make sure your atomizer is on all the way. Once you get the atomizer screwed onto the threads, the atomizer will just keep spinning the child-lock once it gets tightened to a certain degree, so at that point you need to push down on the child-lock ring on the top while simultaneously screwing the atomizer on tight. A little tip is to screw it on as tight as possible with that child-lock ring pushed down, then once its as tight as it can go, back it out just a little bit. This will ensure that it's not too tight to get stuck or too loose to not register with the battery. You can purchase extra atomizers on our online vape shop when you need them.

Vaporleaf Joyetech AIOVaporleaf Replacement Cubis Coils

How to Fill Up the Joyetech AIO

Now that you've got the atomizer primed and installed it's time to fill it up. The Joyetech AIO uses the same access point to fill up as it does to change out the atomizer, so before you reattach the cap you have to add some e liquid to the tank. If your AIO is split two different colors, for example red and white, you should see where the two colors meet at the glass window; if you have a solid colored AIO there should be a line half way up the glass window, off to the side, that reads “MAX.” Whether you have a split color meeting or you have a line, that's where you fill the e liquid up to. If you go past that line, the e liquid will over spill once the top cap with atomizer is attached. Once you've got your e liquid filled up in your tank, replace the top cap with the atomizer installed onto it; you will need to push down on the child-lock to ensure it is closed all the way. Now that it's all filled your AIO vape pen is ready for vaping!

How to Use the AIO Vape Pen

So you've got your atomizer primed and installed and your tank is filled up with e liquid all that's left to do is start vaping on it! Your device should have come turned off, in order to turn it on (and back off) you need to do five quick clicks on the button. Sometimes a click or two won't register so if it doesn't work the first time around just try clicking the button quickly until the LED light inside the tank flashes at you, that means it turned on. To check if it's on or off, hold down the button for a second and see if the LED light turns or not, if it doesn't then your device is off. After your vape pen is turned on it's now ready to use! These devices work well both for mouth to lung inhales and also just straight lung draws so take it slow and see how you like vaping on it best.

Tips and Tricks for the Joyetech AIO

The LED light inside your AIO is a lot more useful than you may think, there's actually a series of light sequences that signifies different warnings. If you notice, when you press the button the LED light comes on and when you release the button the light goes away then comes back on a second later. When the light flashes back on a second later and it only does so once, that is letting you know that everything is going fine with your vape pen. If the light flashes 3 times that is letting you know that the battery is getting low and if the light flashes back on 10 times that is letting you know that the battery is dead and needs to be charged.
The LED light can be changed to a different color too, if you want to change the color first you need to turn the Joyetech AIO off. Once the vape pen is off hold down the button and an LED light will come a few seconds later, release the button and click again to cycle to the next color. Keep clicking the button to cycle through all the colors and once you've picked your favorite all you have to do is click the button 5 times quickly on that color. This will save the color you just chose as well as turn the vape pen back on.
Cleaning the AIO is a breeze given the fact that it is a leak resistant vape pen. If you used a small starter kit such as a Kangertech EVOD before getting this Joyetech AIO, you might remember how you had to clean a few different pieces. Well with this vape pen, the only kind of cleaning you need to do is wiping out the tank that holds the e liquid with a tissue to clean out some condensation. If you we're using a very potent flavor feel free to use a damp paper towel instead just make sure to not run the vape pen under water as it is not water proof. As long as you remember to clean your AIO occasionally and replace the atomizer regularly, you should be vaping happy for awhile.