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Beginners Guide to Vaping:
All About the Joyetech eVic VTwo with Cubis Pro Tank

What is Vaping?:
Introduction to the Joyetech eVic VTwo with the Cubis Pro Sub Ohm Tank


Vaporleaf eVic VTwo with Cubis Pro tank

What's Included in the Joyetech eVic VTwo Kit

Upon opening your box you're going to see the eVic VTwo box mod, underneath that you will find the Joyetech Cubis Pro sub ohm tank, a charging cable, the instruction manual and a bag with a silicone sleeve and four different atomizers to use inside the tank. An extra mouth piece is also included, this mouth piece is different than the one installed on your tank as one of them is going to have a spiral halfway down on the inside and one is just going to be straight through. Some people are a fan of one or the other and some can't notice a difference, so just go ahead and try them both out to see which you prefer. Your box mod should come turned off without an atomizer installed, you will need to install an atomizer and fill it up with e liquid to begin using the box mod.

Why are There Different Atomizers

Your kit includes multiple different atomizers for the Joyetech Cubis tank, it comes with two 0.25 ohm atomizers, one 0.5 ohm atomizer and one (not sub ohm) 1.5 ohm atomizer, all of which are labeled on the sides. The reason why different ones are included is so that you can try out each one and figure out which one you like most, that way you can purchase it in the future when needed. Each atomizer provides a different benefit to the user, for example, one of the 0.25 ohm atomizers is a “QCS” or “quick-change-system” meaning you can change out the wicking material instead of buying a new one. In addition to different benefits of each atomizer, each different resistance can handle a certain amount of power from the box mod; the 0.25 ohm atomizers can be run anywhere from 30-55 watts, the 0.5 ohm can handle 15-30 watts and the 1.5 ohm can take 8-20 watts. Also, some of the atomizers work better with e liquid having higher VG to PG ratios, a good idea might be to get a couple different ratio blends of e liquid to try out with the atomizers. The majority of people have a preference of how much power they like to use and some have a preference of which VG/PG ratio they like out of their box mods, so this kit including so many different ones is the perfect opportunity for you to figure out what your preference is.

How to Install the Atomizer on the Joyetech Cubis Pro Tank

Once you have decided which atomizer you want to use first, you need to prime it with your e liquid, this means getting it saturated before you install and use the atomizer. Some atomizers come with a small hole on the top and some come with a screen instead, for the atomizers with a screen over the top you need to pool the e liquid up and let it soak in and for the atomizers with a hole on the top you need to drip about 5-6 drops of e liquid right into that hole. Once primed you need to open up your tank and install the atomizer. If you look at the top of your Joyetech Cubis Pro tank, where your mouth piece is, right below that you should see several small vertical slits that can either be closed off or opened, that is your airflow. Grip that top piece with the airflow and all in a few fingers and the rest of your tank with the other hand and unscrew the top piece away from your tank. The airflow slits should accompany the top cap, if they are still attached to the tank you need to remove that airflow piece also in order to install your atomizer. Once the top cap is off, look at the under side of it and there should be a small set of threads directly below the mouth piece, that is where you can screw your atomizer onto. After the atomizer is properly attached, not too tight or too loose, replace the top cap of your tank with the atomizer to the rest of the tank so you can fill it up with your e liquid. Never over tighten anything, everything just needs to make a seal and make contact, if things are too tight it can damage your electronic cigarette or get stuck.

Joyetech Cubis Atomizers
Vaporleaf Cubis Pro Tank

How to Fill the Joyetech Cubis Pro Tank

After getting your atomizer primed and installed into your tank, it's time to fill it up. First make sure your atomizer is securely in your tank and the top cap is back on, then you need to look at the top of your tank where the mouth piece is and the same vertical airflow slits mentioned before. To fill up the e liquid however, you are not going to be unscrewing the same piece, this time you are going to leave the airflow slits attached to the rest of your tank. So grip the mouth piece area with a few fingers and your tank with the other hand while you unscrew the top cap, again the airflow and atomizer should not come with it. Only the mouth piece and a small section underneath should come away from the tank, at this point you should see a small metal bar running across the opening of the tank with a hole in the center of it. To fill up the tank you need to drip the e liquid into the slots on the side of the metal bar, DO NOT drip the e liquid into the center hole as that only leads to the atomizer. You can fill the tank up till it reaches the metal bar, at that point you can replace the top cap, load the tank onto your box mod and start using it!

How to Use the Joyetech eVic VTwo with the Cubis Pro Tank

Now that your tank is all prepped and ready to go it's time to put it to use! Your Joyetech eVic VTwo box mod should have come with at least a partial charge on it, to turn it on click the firing button 5 times quickly and you should see the screen turn on; occasionally a click or two won't register in the box mod, so if it doesn't come on after those 5 clicks just continue to press the firing button quickly until you see the screen come on. The Joyetech eVic VTwo's do come with temperature control functions, however with the atomizers provided to you initially, you will only be using the standard power or wattage mode. With the screen on, look at the very top of it, if it says “POWER” this is the mode you need to use, if it reads anything else such as “TEMP NI” or “TEMP TI” you are in the wrong mode. To get to the "POWER" mode click the firing button 3 times quickly, that should result in the setting at the top starting to blink, at this point you can move the knob at the top of the box mod to the right and change the setting, you do have to click the firing button to set the mode in place. Once you're tank is attached and you are in “POWER” mode, you need to adjust the wattage to the appropriate amount for the atomizer you installed, to do this move the knob on the top, right to go up higher in power and left to go lower in power. Refer back to “Why are There Different Atomizers” if you don't know what power setting you should use. All that's left to do is hold down the firing button while you inhale and your Joyetech eVic VTwo box mod is ready to go!