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Nicotine Salts

Salt nicotine vape juice is intended to provide a familiar feel to those just making the switch to vaping. These particularly high nicotine levels might look like a lot to you, but keep in mind that standard Juul pods contain 5% nicotine by weight, or about 59mg. Juul chose this nicotine level because the spike in blood nicotine level most closely resembles what you would get from an analog cigarette.

We DO NOT recommend using nicotine salt eJuice in any higher-powered or sub-ohm vapes. Nicotine salts are designed to be used at LOW power levels, like in pod vapes. Use of nicotine salts in sub-ohm vapes could result in nicotine overdose. If you don't know whether or not you can use nicotine salt eJuice in your vape, please contact us.

What are nicotine salts?

Nicotine Salt juice, otherwise known as nic salts or salt nic vape juice, is becoming more and more popular in today's vaping market. Nicotine salt eJuice differs from standard nicotine (otherwise known as "freebase" nicotine) in that it provides a nicotine hit very similar to what you would get from a cigarette.

Freebase nicotine eJuice like our Vaporleaf USA 50/50 eJuice provides a long, gentle slope in blood nicotine level, where nicotine salts provide a sharp spike in blood nicotine level, just like what you would get from a cigarette. If you're new to vaping, you might benefit greatly from this familiar feel.

Nic salts were popularized in the vaping industry by Juul. They discovered that by using nicotine salts and adding benzoic acid, your body would absorb the nicotine in almost exactly the same way as your body would absorb nicotine from cigarettes. Benzoic acid was preferable to the ammonia that's added to cigarettes for the same reason, because it performed the same function without the need to inhale ammonia.

Freebase nicotine does not require additives in order to be absorbed into your body, because your body readily absorbs it as it is. Freebase nicotine actually has a bit of a peppery taste to it, where nicotine salts don't really have any noticeable flavors. As a result, even high nicotine level nic salt eJuice will taste only like the added flavoring, rather than having the tinge of spice that comes with freebase nicotine.

Nicotine salt is the naturally occurring form of nicotine in tobacco leaves. Benzoic acid is also naturally occurring, though nicotine salt eJuice manufacturers add extra benzoic acid to achieve the desired effect. In contrast, freebase nicotine is nicotine extracted to its purest form. This is not to say one may be healthier than the other, just that freebase nicotine is pure nicotine with no other compounds or chemicals.

Nicotine salt eJuice is also less acidic than freebase nicotine vape juice, so even high nicotine levels can be much less uncomfortable to vape. This is great for new vapers, as making the switch to vaping is typically a relatively uncomfortable process.

Many companies have begun to enter the nicotine salt market, piggybacking off of Juul's unbelievable popularity. This is great for those of us who are looking for Juul alternatives that may be less expensive and provide a much wider range of options for flavors and nicotine levels.

These bottled salt nic juices come in a wide variety of amazing flavors, including recreations of some of the best existing vape flavors in the freebase nicotine market. We carry several nicotine levels, and different flavors are available at different nicotine levels. Be sure to double check what nicotine level you're getting with a particular vape flavor.