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Suorin Drop Pods
Suorin Drop Pod Cartridges


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Suorin Drop Pods

Product Introduction:
This Drop Cartridge is designed for Suorin Drop Starter Kit. The 2ml Suorin Drop pod contains a horizontal 1.3 ohm coil that fires between 7-12 watts, depending on the remaining charge in the battery. The flavor and vapor production are quite impressive for such a small vape, and the 2ml capacity is large enough that you really don't have to refill very often. The lifespan is about average in our experience, lasting on average about 1-2 weeks before the flavor and performance start to take a turn for the worse.

Something that's worth knowing about Suorin Drop pods is the fact that the pod only has one chamber, but two distinct sides. The chimney comes up through the middle of the pod, and cuts the space between each side of the pod down to just a sliver of a passage. This allows vape juice to flow freely between each side of the pod when the rubber fill plugs are open, but not when they are closed. You will want to keep an eye on your pod as you vape, because one side will likely drain faster than the other. If one side goes completely dry, your coil may burn. To remedy this, you can either pull the pod out and unplug the fill holes to balance the juice level in each side of the pod, or you can use the opportunity to top your pod off with vape juice.

The pods are available in either a dark tinted color, or a clear color. The clear option comes with a number of benefits, all related to visibility. It's much easier to see how much vape juice is left in your pod, if there's an excess of condensation in the chimney, and the condition of your coil. I quite like the way that they look, as well. The one drawback for me is that the battery indicator is much brighter when using the clear pod, which can be a little annoying when vaping in the dark.

Suorin recommends using a thicker vape juice like 60/40 or 70/30 in your Drop pods. I personally find that 50/50 vape juice works just fine, though you do need to check the pod and device regularly for excess juice and clean it when necessary. Many people use nicotine salt vape juice with the Drop, and while this is a great pod vape for that, I personally use freebase nicotine which works perfectly as well.

Staff Recommendation:

I use the Suorin Drop as my all-day vape, but since I vape quite a lot, I like to have two of them so that I can keep vaping while my other Drop is charging. I highly recommend using the clear pods, because they make it much easier to see how much juice you have left and what condition your coil is in. I use Pear at 12mg, which is a 50/50 vape juice. Since it's a little thinner, I have to check under the pod from time to time and clean out the juice that settles under the pod with a tissue.

I've also found that the best way to stop juice from getting in your mouth is to use the “flick” method. When excess juice builds up in the chimney, flick the Drop with the pod facing out. This will fling the excess vape juice out of the tip of the pod. Make sure you wipe off any juice that may be sitting on the end of the mouthpiece before vaping again! - Logan

E-juice Capacity: 2ml
Color: Black
Resistance: 1.3ohm

It comes with:
1 x Suorin Drop cartridge
1 x Coil head

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

How To Fill And Prime Your Suorin Drop Pods:

  • Remove your old pod from the Drop and throw it away
  • Remove your new Drop pod from the packaging
  • Open both of the rubber plugs on the bottom of the pod
  • Lift one of the rubber plugs and insert the tip of your juice bottle
  • Lift the other plug to allow air to flow out of the pod as you add juice
  • Fill the pod almost all the way up, leaving a little bit of air in the pod
  • Balance the size of the air bubbles in each side of the pod by lifting both of the rubber plugs and turning the pod side to side to help the juice flow from one side to the other
  • Close both rubber plugs
  • Wait at least 10 minutes before vaping to allow the cotton wick to soak up juice
  • Vape!
  • PRO TIP: If you're in a hurry or you're just feeling a little impatient, you can prime the coil faster by leaving the rubber plugs open while the pod is full of juice, then gently inhaling on the mouthpiece to pull juice into the cotton wick. Holding the rubber plugs open allows the juice to flow freely into the cotton wick.
  • Make sure the pod remains upside-down when you do this, you don't want to spill your juice!
  • You also don't want to pull too hard, or you'll suck a bunch of juice through the wick and into your mouth.
  • You can look into the chimney to see if the cotton wick looks shiny and wet. If it is, you're ready to vape! If not, give it another gentle puff.

How To Use Your Suorin Drop:

Suorin produces quality vapor devices and products with strong technical force, leading production technology and advanced precision production testing equipment. Be it Suorin Air, Suorin Drop, Suorin iShare or Suorin Vagon, the Suorin Pod Systems are impeccably crafted to provide a flawless level of reliability that ensures it to be the immediate highlight of your lifestyle.

Suorin Online:
website: http://www.suorin.com/en/

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