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Vaporleaf Monthly Vape Flavors

Every month we offer a new 50/50 flavor pack, 70/30 flavor pack, 50/50 flavor of the month and 70/30 flavor of the month! The flavor of the Month eJuices are 15ml bottles of eJuice for $3.95 each, and the vape Flavor Packs are a pack of 3 15ml bottles totaling 45ml for $9.95! Check back every month to see what's available!

Did you know that Vaporleaf actually makes more flavors than the ones we have on our shelves? The monthly flavors are our way of offering you a chance to try these vape juice flavors with a seasonal release! You may have noticed that not every eJuice that goes on sale in the monthly specials is a flavor we don't normally carry, and that's because we only re-release a few special flavors each month. That way you can try these special ejuices alongside some of your existing favorites!

The 50/50 flavor of the month and the 50/50 flavor pack are best used in smaller vapes like the Kangertech Evod or pod systems like the Suorin Drop, where the thicker 70/30 flavor of the month and 70/30 flavor pack are best suited for use in high-powered and sub-ohm vapes like the Smok Stick V8 Kit or the Voopoo Drag 2 Kit.

Being seasonal releases, the eJuices available each month will typically fit some kind of seasonal theme like tobacco vape flavors in January, bright and fruity summer flavors in July, then rich and warm flavors in November. We'll always have something great to suit the season!

Whether you're looking for something different or just some cheap vape juice, the monthly specials are a great opportunity to stock up on something special!