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Vaporleaf Premium eJuice

Due to increased legislation and flavor bans we will not be shipping to the states of - California, Delaware, Utah, and Vermont.

Also, we will only be shipping Tobacco Flavored vape juice to the states of Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Montana.

The Best of the Best! Vaporleaf Premium eJuice is our selection of our most subtle, complex and rich vape flavors!
These flavors are designed to vape well with drippers and vape tanks alike
We do not recommend using high VG eJuice in vape pods or clearomizer tanks

For sub-ohm tanks we recommend 30PG/70VG eJuice in our Vapers Vote and Premium Lines
12mg for 1-2 Packs/Day users.
6mg for 1/2-1 Pack/Day users.
3mg for 1/2 Pack/Day users.

Available Strengths: 00mg, 03mg, 06mg, 12mg
Available Sizes: 15ml, 30ml and 120ml.

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Cheesecake Cheesecake


NY style cheesecake. Thick and sweet.

70VG / 30PG

Our Price: $24.95 (Limit 5)

Lucky Dragon Lucky Dragon

Lucky Dragon

Dragon Fruit and Pomegranate mixed with tropical punch.

70VG / 30PG

Our Price: $24.95 (Limit 5)

Hazelnut Cream Latte Hazelnut Cream Latte

Hazelnut Cream Latte

First You Taste The Coffee. Then Comes The Creamy Smooth Milk. Finishing With A Hint Of Hazelnut.

70VG / 30PG

Our Price: $24.95 (Limit 5)

Ogre Custard Ogre Custard

Ogre Custard

It has layers...key lime, coconut, and creamy a parfait.

70VG / 30PG

Our Price: $24.95 (Limit 5)

Creamy Mint Cacao Creamy Mint Cacao

Creamy Mint Cacao

Light cacao, perfectly complementing a deliciously creamy mint. Lovely all day light, minty vape.

70VG / 30PG

Our Price: $24.95 (Limit 5)

Major Tom Major Tom

Major Tom

Celebrate your independence all year round with these refreshing blend of citrus, cherry and blueberries! It has a special icy finish for extra summer coolant!

70VG / 30PG

Our Price: $24.95 (Limit 5)

Blueberry Muffin Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin

Grab a cup of joe and sit down. Then start your day with scrumptious blueberry muffin.

70VG / 30PG

Our Price: $24.95 (Limit 5)

Gallagher Gallagher


Take a seat front row center and get ready to get covered in this mash up of melons.

70VG / 30PG

Our Price: $24.95 (Limit 5)
Quik Bliss Quik Bliss

Quik Bliss

Momentarily relive your youth with this smooth blend of sweet strawberry syrup and creamy milk notes.

70VG / 30PG

Our Price: $24.95 (Limit 5)

Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Dry and smooth cigar tobacco with notes of coconut, toasted almond, graham cracker and vanilla.

70VG / 30PG

Our Price: $24.95 (Limit 5)


The Vaporleaf Premium eJuice line was our first line of 70/30 vape juice, which was originally developed for use with the sub-ohm vapes that were just beginning to emerge in the vaping industry. In the days before sub-ohm, there was never a reason for anything thicker than 50/50 eJuice, and 50/50 was actually considered high VG. With the introduction of Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, otherwise known as RDAs, vapers were experimenting with significantly higher power levels and getting bigger clouds than ever.

In the pursuit of the biggest cloud, which has come to be known as "cloud chasing", vapers began searching for any way to get as much vapor production as possible. There was an incredible amount of innovation in coil design, airflow, vape mods, and vaping techniques. It soon became clear that one of the most important components in achieving the biggest clouds was using high VG e-juice.

VG, short for Vegetable Glycerin, is one of the main ingredients in vape juice. The other primary ingredient is Propylene Glycol, which doesn't produce much of a cloud when vaporized. VG however produces quite a lot of vapor. It stands to reason then that if you want more vapor production, you want more VG. Many dedicated cloud chasers would even use 100% VG in their vape to achieve maximum vapor production. VG isn't very tasty though, and as the name suggests, it tastes a bit like old vegetables when vaped on its own. Most people would take the small reduction in vapor production in favor of an e juice that's nice to vape on.

From there, 70/30 became the go-to VG/PG ratio for many vapers looking for a bigger cloud without sacrificing flavor. After the big boom of sub-ohm mods using RDAs and mechanical mods, high-powered sub-ohm vape tanks and regulated vape mods began to flood the market. These regulated mods used computer chips to offer a level of accessibility, adjustability and safety that was greatly lacking in the vape industry, and the high-powered vape tanks made it easier for the average consumer to achieve high vapor production.

Where before it was necessary to learn about things like ohm's law and building your own coils to get the biggest cloud, it was now possible to buy that performance right off the shelf and buy replacement prebuilt coils to screw right into your vape tank. With these advances in vaping technology, countless vapers began to search for the best 70/30 vape juice to get the best flavor and the biggest cloud out of their new mods. We at Vaporleaf were no exception, and we began to produce high VG e-juice ourselves.

We released the Vaporleaf Premium eJuice line in order to provide vapers with a no-compromises premium vape juice that would provide the ideal vaping experience for anyone using these fancy new sub-ohm vape tanks or rebuildable atomizers. Since then, the market has become saturated with high VG ejuice from companies all around the US looking to provide the best e-juice, and yet our Vaporleaf premium juice remains one of our best selling lines.

Of course we still carry over 80 flavors of 50/50 vape juice in our Vaporleaf USA 50/50 eJuice line for those using smaller vapes and pod systems, and we now offer a more affordable 70/30 vape juice in the form of our Vaporleaf Vaper's Vote line!