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Beginners Guide to Vaping.
Understanding Your Electronic Cigarette.

What is Vaping?:
E Cigarette Vaping Basic's

There are so many questions people have when making the switch from big tobacco to e cigarettes, which can be understandable as vaping vs smoking is somewhat of a whole new world. Throughout this guide we are going to take everything one step at a time to help ease your mind and get you a little more familiarized with your vape pen, hopefully at the end of this you will have all of your questions about what is vaping answered. Vaping for beginners can be a little tough so before we begin getting into the basic's, below are some keywords you may need to know.

Glossary for Basic Electronic Cigarettes


The tank is the component of your vape pen that holds your e liquid and atomizer. It is generally attached to the top of your battery however some models do have the tank built in as an “all-in-one” unit. Pictured is a Kangertech EVOD tank.

Your atomizer, commonly known as the coil, is the same concept as a regular stove coil. In the most basic of terms, it is a wire wrapped into a coil which is packed into a metal casing, along with either cotton, ceramic, mesh or silica wick to hold and absorb the e liquid. The wire, once power is applied, heats up and vaporizes the e liquid. You do need to change this out every couple weeks or so. When comparing vaping vs smoking, the atomizer is much like a flame to a cigarette, it heats everything up. Pictured is a Kangertech EVOD atomizer.


The airway is located inside of your tank and leads from the coil all the way up to the mouth piece, this is where the vapor will travel into your mouth after being vaporized. Some specific tanks don't have an airway as the coil is either attached to the top directly under the mouth piece or the coil is extra long reaching from the base of the tank all the way up to the top. Pictured is a Kangertech EVOD tank.

The battery is the power source that you use to power your coil. They are manufactured in two ways, as either internal or external cells. The internal units you charge through the full device and once the battery cell completely dies you have to replace the entire electronic cigarette battery. Where as with external battery cells you can either charge through the entire device or you can take out the battery and charge on an external charging dock. With the external units, if/when the battery cell dies, you can just replace that one piece instead of the entire vape pen. Pictured is a Kangertech EVOD battery.

Vaping for Beginners

Almost every vape pen operates on the same basic principle, e liquid is converted into vapor by heating it up on/through an atomizer which is powered by a battery source. The atomizer is made of metal, typically Kanthal wire but different metals such as nickle or titanium will yield a different outcome as far as the flavor, heat and vapor production. That metal is tightly wrapped then filled with an absorbent material, generally organic cotton but ceramic, mesh or silica wick can also be used. Once the material is saturated and the tank is filled with e liquid, you then power the battery to send an electric current through the atomizer. This current then heats up the atomizer which is holding the saturated material and vaporizes the e liquid. After inhaling, the vapor makes it's way up through the airway and into your mouth. Vaping for beginners can seem quite complicated at first but that's why Vaporleaf is here to help. We don't want you to think vaping vs smoking is too complicated so you end up going back to cigarettes; take your time, learn all about vaping for beginners and soon enough you'll be vaping like a pro.

History of Electronic Cigarettes

Just like with any other kind of technology, as the years change so do the styles and advancements, electronic cigarettes are no exception. Looking back onto the last several years in the vaping industry, e cigarettes have really come a long way. While they are still around here and there, the original e cigarettes are not nearly as popular as they once were. Some people still tend to gravitate towards them though for the simplicity and that it makes vaping for beginners a little easier because it looks and feels like an actual cigarette. Known as “Cigalikes” and Cartridge Vaporizers, these electronic cigarettes were generally disposable after a certain amount of puffs or partially disposable once the nicotine cartridge was empty.
These are what the majority of today's e cigarettes are modeled after, while allowing the user to customize it to better cater their needs when trying vaping vs smoking. Along with more customization, today's e cigarettes also produce less waste. Instead of disposing each cartridge when the user is done, you simply re-fill your tank with e liquid and keep vaping. The most popular vape pen now a days for beginners is the Kangertech EVOD and the only disposable piece of the EVOD is the atomizer once it gets burnt up and is no longer usable and the plastic or glass e liquid bottle, this goes for the majority of today's e cigarettes.

Getting started with your E Cigarette

Now that we've got you a little more familiarized with vape pens as a whole, we can start dipping into more of the details. As you start transitioning to vaping you are going to notice a few differences as far as vaping vs smoking goes. Not only is it going to feel different while you're inhaling but the nicotine in vapor enters your system in a more direct and clean matter, leaving you satisfied and still able to breathe. For the first week or so it is completely normal to cough while vaping or even afterwards, this is caused by one of the ingredients in the e liquid and is not a sign of intolerance or harm. What is actually happening there is one of the ingredients, Propylene Glycol, is a dehydrating agent and it's actually clinging to all the tar in your lungs and helping to pull that out. With that said, make sure to stay hydrated while making this transition and stay positive.