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Beginners Guide to Vaping:
Understanding Your eVic VTwo Mini with Cubis Pro Tank

What is Vaping?:
Getting Started with the Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini and Cubis Pro Sub Ohm Tank

Vaporleaf eVic VTwo Mini

What Comes with the Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini Kit

The eVic VTwo Mini kit comes with a substantial amount of goodies, once you've opened your box you're going to see the Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini box mod, underneath that you will find the Joyetech Cubis Pro sub ohm tank, a charging cable, the instruction manual and a bag with a silicone sleeve and four different atomizers to use inside the Cubis tank. An extra mouth piece is also included, this mouth piece is different than the one installed onto your device as one of them is going to have a spiral halfway down on the inside and one is just going to be straight through. That little twist inside can be useful if you're having any issues with e liquid spitting up through the mouth piece. The box mod does not come with an 18650 battery included, you will need to purchase an 18650 battery cell separately, install that and the atomizer before filling up the tank with e liquid and using the box mod.

What are the Different Atomizers?

Your box mod includes several different atomizers for the Joyetech Cubis sub ohm tank, it comes with one 0.5 ohm atomizer, two 0.25 ohm atomizers and one 1.5 ohm atomizer. The reason for this is so that you can try out each one and decide which one you like most, that way you can purchase it in the future when needed. Each atomizer provides a different experience to the vaper, for example, one of the 0.25 ohm atomizers is a “QCS” or “quick-change-system” meaning you can change out the wicking material instead of buying a new one. Also, each different resistance can handle a certain amount of power; the 0.25 ohm atomizers can be run anywhere from 30-55 watts, the 0.5 ohm can handle 15-30 watts and the 1.5 ohm can take 8-20 watts. Also, some of the atomizers work better for different amount of VG to PG ratios, so try out some different e liquid when trying out the atomizers. This way you can figure out which kinds of e liquid and which atomizer you prefer.

How to Install the Atomizer in the Joyetech Cubis Pro Sub Ohm Tank

If you are just beginning to vape it might be wise to start off with the 1.5 ohm atomizer so you can work yourself up to the power needed for the others. Before you install the atomizer you need to prime it with your e liquid first, this means getting it really saturated before you install it and use the tank. Some atomizers come with a small hole on the top and some come with a screen instead, for the atomizers with a screen over the top you need to pool the e liquid up and let it soak in and for the atomizers with a hole on the top you need to drip about 5-6 drops of e liquid right into that hole.
After priming the atomizer you need to open up your tank and install it. If you look at the top of your Joyetech Cubis Pro tank, where your mouth piece is, right below that you should see several small vertical slits, that is your airflow. Grip that top piece with the airflow and all in a few fingers and the rest of your tank with the other hand and unscrew the top piece away from your tank. The airflow slits should accompany the top cap. Once the top cap is off, look at the underside of it and there should be a small set of threads protruding away from the mouth piece, that is where you can screw your atomizer onto. After the atomizer is properly attached, replace the top cap of your tank with the atomizer to the rest of the tank so you can fill it up with your e liquid. Never over tighten anything on your tank or box mod, everything just needs to make a seal and make contact, if things are too tight it can damage your box mod or get stuck. You can purchase more atomizers from our online vape shop.

Vaporleaf Cubis Pro Tank

How to Fill the Joyetech Cubis Pro Tank

Now that your atomizer is installed into your tank, it's time to fill it up. First make sure your atomizer is securely in the tank. After the top of your tank is back on, look at the top of your tank where the mouth piece is and the same vertical airflow slits mentioned before. To fill up the e liquid however, you are not going to be unscrewing the same piece, this time you are going to leave the airflow slits attached to the rest of your tank. So grip the mouth piece area with a few fingers and your tank with the other hand while you unscrew the top cap, again the airflow and atomizer should not come with it. Only the mouth piece and a small flat section underneath should come away from the tank, at this point you should see a metal bar running across the opening of the tank with a hole in the center of it. To fill up the tank you need to drip the e liquid into the slots on the side of the metal bar, DO NOT drip the e liquid into the center hole as that only leads to the atomizer. You can fill the e liquid up till it reaches the metal bar, at that point you can replace the top cap and attach the tank to your eVic VTwo Mini box mod.

How to Use the Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini with the Cubis Pro Sub Ohm Tank

So now that your tank is all primed, filled and ready to go it's time to get your box mod up and running! The Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini does not come with an internal battery, you should have purchased an 18650 battery cell along with the kit. There is a metal battery cover in place with magnets on the opposite side of where the screen is on the box mod, pull that off and it should reveal the sled that you can put the external 18650 battery cell into; always make sure you are lining up the positive and negative ends of the battery with the positive and negative ends of the battery sled. Once the 18650 battery is in place the box mod may or may not turn on by itself, if it remains off, click the firing button 5 times quickly and you should see the screen come on at that point. Occasionally a click or two won't register in the box mod, if it does not turn on the first time around just continue to click the firing button quickly until the screen comes on.

The Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini's do come with temperature control functions, however with the atomizers provided to you initially, you will only be using the standard power or wattage mode. With the screen on, look at the very top of it, if it says “POWER” this is the mode you need to use, if it reads anything else such as “TEMP NI” or “TEMP TI” you are in the wrong mode. To get out of this mode click the firing button 3 times quickly, that should result in the setting at the top starting to blink, at this point you can click the up button (under the screen, the button on the right) and change the setting to “POWER” mode, you have to click the firing button to set the mode. Once your Cubis sub ohm tank is attached and you are in “POWER” mode, you need to adjust the wattage to the appropriate amount for the atomizer you installed, to do this use the up and down buttons located under the screen. Refer back to “Why are there different atomizers” if you don't know what power setting you should use. All that's left to do is hold down the firing button while you inhale and your Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini is ready to go!
Make sure you are always practicing good battery safety with your vape batteries. If the entire device is warming up to the point of concern, set it aside on a flame retardant surface and make sure it cools down. DO NOT use your external battery cell if the wrapping is peeling off, if there are dents on the battery or if it was left in a warm environment such as a car.